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Hiring a Contractor for Custom Residential and Commercial Renovations

July 2nd, 2014 | by admin admin | in Custom Home Building |    0   

5p_Hiring-a-Contractor.jpgWhether renovating a private residence or a commercial building, one of the most important steps is hiring the right contractor. In the worst case scenarios, contractors simply fill in the blanks and essentially paint over the problems. They may charge low prices and the renovation may look good on the surface, but the underlying issues will come back to haunt you in the future, costing more money and potentially endangering anyone using the building. The right renovation contractor will be thorough and experienced, and will update the look of your residential or commercial building to match your design aesthetic and usage needs.

Price: Does it Matter?

Of course it matters, but not in the most obvious way. You want to work with someone who offers a great quote, preferably below your maximum budget. But too cheap could be a red flag. Contractors who underbid in an attempt to get you to sign a contract are just trying to capture business without considering the long term effects of a job done on the cheap. Youre looking for a good price, but it should be realistic as well.

Experienced with Renovations of a Kind

A commercial renovation will be a particular kind of job. Residential renovations of older homes are also unique in many ways. Each job requires thorough evaluation of the present conditions and previous state of an older building. Knowing how to improve and upgrade while preserving the former glory of a building is a particular skill. So is improving upon the former looks so that a modern touch is added without going overboard. Be sure to see a portfolio of prior jobs so you know that the contractor has worked on something similar in the past.

And most importantly, you want to feel good about working with your contractor. Youll spend a lot of time working together, and youll have to be able to trust them to work on their own without your input at every moment. The right balance will give you the right contractor for the job.