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Van City Goes for the Green: Green Building Practices and Your Home

September 5th, 2014 | by admin admin | in Custom Home Building |    0   

Van City Goes for the Green: Green Building Practices and Your Home


6p_green_homes.jpgIn 2014, the City of Vancouver was awarded a World Green Building Council (WGBC) Government Leadership Award for Best Green Building Policy at the UN Climate Change Convention in Warsaw. The award, which recognizes international best practices at the city level of government with regards to green building policies and initiatives, applauded two of VanCity's green building targets. The first target is for all new buildings constructed after 2019 to be carbon neutral. The second target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in existing buildings by 20% of 2007 levels by 2020. 

What Does it Mean for Your Home? 

What Vancouver's Green Homes Program means for local homeowners is some new requirements to implement sustainable practices that will save energy, water, and money. These regulations will apply to all new one- and two-family homes. Here are a few of the changes homeowners should be aware of. 

Efficient lighting: Energy efficient light bulbs will be required in all high traffic areas, like hallways, porches, and garages. 

In-home energy display: Homeowners will be required to install an indoor display meter that monitors their electricity usage. 

Window performance: Windows will need to meet a minimum performance level for insulation. Windows that carry the Energy Star™ logo meet these new efficiency requirements. 

Exterior walls: A higher minimum standard for insulation in exterior above-ground walls will be required. 

Toilets: Dual-flush toilets or high-efficiency single-flush toilets will be required. 

Under-slab insulation: Under-slab (basement or at grade) insulation will have a minimum standard of R12. 

Domestic hot water supply efficiency: Hot water tanks and pipes will need to be wrapped in insulation to limit heat loss. 

These Green building practices will help reduce our carbon footprint and keep the City of Vancouver moving sustainably into the future.  NorthRock Custom Homes is proud to incorporate green building practices into their custom home construction.